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  • A new technique to inject fillers takes away nearly all the pain

    Pain. It tells us what to avoid and protects us from harm. Unfortunately, it is also a fact of life when doing procedures of any kind. You can steel yourself to it when the issue is medical, but it certainly makes us pause when we want to enhance our appearance.

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  • Vitiligo

    Vitiligo remains one of the most frustrating diseases we have in Dermatology. We have so many therapies, because some of the things work for some of the people some of the time! I am writing about a therapy that has proven rather effective for some of my patients.

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  • How to stay sun-protected this summer and all the time!

    Most of us focus on good sun protection behavior as we enter the summer months. Good habits should be practiced year-round though, and these tips should help us stay fit and un-burned!

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  • Psoriashield Light Therapy: New in South Florida

    We have a new way to treat difficult-to-treat diseases like psoriasis, vitiligo, chronic hand dermatitis, alopecia areata, lichen planus, lichen planopilaris and others. It is called Psoriashield.

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  • Facial Massage for the Purpose of Toning and Firming

    Just like any other form of massage, facial massage relieves tension, promotes relaxation and restores energy to your face and body by increasing circulation. When you first wake up in the morning you may notice that your skin looks puffier and paler than it did the night before. This is because during sleep, circulation is decreased in the body which means there is less blood flow to the face.

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