Options for the Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition where there is excessive sweating without provocation. We normally sweat when we are nervous or stressed, but this slows down or stops when we become calm. Hyperhidrosis is a condition where the sweat glands are constantly stimulated to produce an abnormal amount of perspiration. We have no control over it. It can be very isolating, because you are fearful of what others might think when they touch or shake hands with you, or see the excessive sweating under your arms and think you are nervous are scared. Some people go through life without ever discussing this with a doctor. Described below are some of the treatments used for this sometimes terrible condition.

Saldrize Gel

This medicine contains a potent anti-sweating ingredient. Dry the areas really well and put Saldrize on at night time before you go to bed (yes at night time). Why is this? Sweating is minimized at night time. You need to let Saldrize absorb when you're not sweating. This will allow the active ingredient to work on the source. Your sweating should be significantly reduced. Saldrize works on the source to make you stop sweating, whether you apply it to your underarms, hands, face or feet. You can shower in the morning. In the morning, follow your normal hygiene routine whether that includes applying your regular "antiperspirant" or deodorant; it will not affect Saldrize. Remember however, that deodorants contain fragrances and may cause irritation. You may wish to start out with an unscented antiperspirant, deodorant stick or baby powder. You should see results the first day. If you don't, continue to apply for one week. If your skin becomes too itchy or irritated, stop applying and wait until it goes away, then start applying again. You may only be able to apply it once every couple of days if your skin is really sensitive.


This medicine acts on the smooth muscle cells and increases their tone. It is commonly used in people with urinary problems. Dermatologists use it to decrease sweat. Therapy is started with a very small dose (1mg), and increased every three days to an endpoint of decreased sweating, or side-effects. It can cause dry eyes and mouth, decreased urination, very rarely constipation. It can decrease vaginal secretions. These side effects do not occur before the sweating decreases, making this a very effective medicine.

  • 1 pill each evening for 3 days, then
  • 1 pill morning and evening for 3 days, then
  • 1 pill morning and 2 pills evening for 3 days, then
  • 2 pills morning and 2 pills evening for 3 days, then keep your 2 week appointment. If you have any side effects, stop the medicine and call the office.


This medicine is a beta-blocker and works by slowing down the racing heart. It is commonly used by actors to control their stage fright, and works for increased sweating. Although rare at the doses we use, side effects can include decreased sex drive, tiredness, and dizziness upon quickly getting out of bed or from a prone position. Please let us know if you have naturally low blood pressure, or are taking blood pressure medications.

  • 1 pill each evening for 7 days, then
  • 1 pill morning and evening for 7 days, then keep your 2 week appointment. If you have any side effects, stop the medicine and call the office.

There are many treatments for hyperhidrosis. The worst thing you can do is not try them.

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