Words for Parents of Teens with Acne

Words for Parents of Teens with Acne

 Parents sometimes overlook teen acne.  Parents don’t notice it because it tends to creep up on them.  Sometimes as parents, we tend to shrug it off as “Don’t all teens get pimples?”

 Here at ResnikCenterfor Dermatology we see lots of teens with mild to severe acne and know that most are not only affected physically but emotionally as well. Even if your child doesn’t come right out and say it, chances are he or she is uncomfortable and embarrassed about his or her acne. For some teens, acne can have a huge impact on how they feel about themselves. Unfortunately it can begin to negatively impact their self-esteem. Teen Acne can make kids feel like they are all alone. The truth is, puberty and pimples go hand in hand and teenagers from every ethnic background, nationality, size and shape will probably experience acne during their teen years. In fact, 9 out of 10 teenagers suffer from acne. Our goal here is to help you and your teen deal with acne in a constructive way.

Dr. Resnik and I can help you and your child learn all you can about acne, some of the causes and what treatments are available. There are so many misconceptions about acne, especially among teenagers. Many learn all they know about acne from Youtube and that’s not always good. Sometimes even parents aren’t fully aware of how and why acne develops, and may unknowingly agree with old wives tales and myths.

Teen acne can be caused by several different things. Top of the list is hormonal changes in the body during puberty for both boys and girls. Girls have a monthly flare up of hormones that can indeed cause acne especially around chin and mouth area. Chest and back breakout is often present as well especially for boys. This is the time to educate your teen about proper cleansing which should be twice a day. Also take into consideration their eating habits, such as too much milk chocolate, or fast junk food causing nutritional imbalance.

Kids today DO suffer from stress.  School, peer pressure or the mere fact that they have started to break out and others have started to make fun contribute to their stress level. There is no scientific proof that stress brings on acne, but many teens have experienced major breakout right before big events.  Hereditary factors can also be responsible for your child’s breakout.  If either parent had acne, it’s likely your teen will too. As a concerned parent you should know that not all acne is created equal.  When you notice your teen’s acne is worsening, you should consider bringing them in to visit with Dr. Resnik or myself.  We have many choices available.  The sooner you seek help the better your teens chances are of not developing acne scars, or them picking and infecting their skin.

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