• Skinifinity with Platelet-rich Plasma and Tranexamic Acid are the newest weapons in the fight against Melasma

    Skinifinity with Platelet-rich Plasma and Tranexamic Acid are the newest weapons in the fight against Melasma

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  • Intimacy and Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa isolates its sufferers like no other disease. Never knowing when an abscess will break or when a weeping sore under the arm will drip past the bandage and stain your clothes. It also often eliminates the ability to be intimate with your partner. You may also have experienced trauma related to multiple procedures and of course, grief and loss issues related to how deeply your life has changed because of HS.

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  • Why Antibiotics Often Fail in Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    Patients with Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) are always colonized, but rarely infected with bacteria. Even then, it is poorly understood why antibiotics don’t work well for them. New research has found that bacteria form shields, particularly in HS, which block the action of antibiotics. These shields are called biofilms, and can be very effective in making patients miserable.

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  • Vaccinations and Biologics: Should we vaccinate or not?

    We are smack in the middle of Flu season and many of my patients on biologics for Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, and Hidradenitis Suppurativa are asking me whether they should get the Flu shot. The answer is a resounding YES! As always, though, there are caveats:

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  • What is Glycolic ACID and what does it do for My Skin?

    Glycolic acid is a natural product derived mostly from sugar cane and is fantastic for exfoliation and moisturizing the skin. It is the smallest alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) and is both colorless and odorless and has the reputation of being the safest form of alpha-hydroxy acid. Almost all skin types can benefit from glycolic acid; it is one of the most commonly recognized chemical peel solutions.

    Glycolic acid peels come in different strengths starting from 20% up to and including 70%.  The lighter 20% – 40% peels are basically for first-time clients with light sun damage, in need of quick cell turn over and are best for more sensitive skin. The medium 50% peels are for clients who have experienced prior peels,  or who have more mature skin with definite sun damage and uneven skin tones. The 60% – 70% peels are much deeper strengths for a much more mature and sun damaged skin with uneven tones also in need of deep rejuvenation.

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