Don’t let the word CHEMICAL scare you

Don’t let the word CHEMICAL scare you

For those of us who have fine lines, sun spots (NEVER called AGE spots), a little Melasma, accompanied with a hint of under eye crepiness I have two words CHEMICAL PEELS.

In the past anti-aging chemical peels ended up more closely resembling chemical burns and so peels got a bad rap. However chemical peels have not disappeared. Instead, they’ve gotten a makeover – a dramatic one! Thank goodness. There are still some super awesome peels that slough off the dead, the dull and the pore-clogging layer of skin cells such as our “Perfect Ten Peel”. The Perfect 10 Peel is an ideal, non-invasive, low-cost alternative for patients seeking immediate result with minimal discomfort and little downtime. It is specially formulated to be a gentle yet uniquely powerful peel treatment. The hallmark of the Perfect 10 Peels is that it provides actual visible peeling. Don’t let the word CHEMICAL scare you. Not all chemicals are created equal (or evil).

In fact, the acids used in the lighter chemical peels today are natural and fruit based such as the beta hydroxy acid or alpha hydroxy acids derived from sugar cane, milk, fruit, and other natural substances and there is Jessner’s, Solution which is ( lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol). The peels are applied to the patient’s skin to remove the outer, damaged layers of skin and encourage the production of new skin, rich with collagen and elastin. The majority of patients do experience slight tingling which is reduced with the use of a fan and is very tolerable. Most all are able to resume their normal activities without having to undergo a recovery period. We suggest the gentlest of cleansers and moisturizers for the next 3 days such as our (Gentle Cleanser, our Light Textured Moisturizer and you MUST apply anyone of our broad spectrum SPFs.) For patients who require more advanced rejuvenation, Dr. Resnik offers a deeper chemical peel called TCA (trichloroacetic acid) This type of chemical peel is considered a medium chemical peel in that it removes dry, damaged skin and promotes the regeneration of healthy, younger-looking skin. However, the TCA penetrates deeper into the skin for more dramatic results and is often a more effective solution for patients with darker skin. TCA peels can be used on the face, neck, or back of hands. They can also be used all over the face or just as a spot peel. One TCA peel will give better results than one glycolic acid peel, but more than one TCA peel is still necessary for the best results. Results generally last around 6 months, but they can last even longer when supplemented with glycolic or lactic acid peels every two weeks. Patients who are treated with the deeper TCA chemical peel do experience slight burning sensation but also are able to resume their normal activities without having to undergo a recovery period. However, because the skin may appear red for a few days after TCA treatment, some patients choose to stay at home until the redness completely fades away.

For all types of chemical peels, multiple treatments may be necessary for optimal results. The total number of treatments and the time between each one is based on the patient’s individual needs and goals. Chemical peels help smooth away lines and wrinkles, promote even skin tone, and improve skin texture. Results can last for up to several years.

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