Consultation on Lodose Isotretinoin

Lodose Isotretinoin is a therapy plan where very low doses of the medicine are given for long periods of time. Because so little medicine is used, there are rarely any side-effects such as dryness or skin irritation. It is important to remember that this use is considered off-label.

You will notice a pleasant decrease in acne and rosacea breakouts, oil reduction, and redness. Oily scalp will diminish and/or disappear. Skin lesions called sebaceous hyperplasia (overgrowths of the facial glands
responsible for keeping the skin supple, as well as being the root cause of acne) will very often disappear. One capsule is initially taken on Monday and Thursday of every week.

Different from the high dose, four to five month duration Isotretinoin plan, pre-therapy blood tests, including blood and urine pregnancy tests are obtained before starting and as needed. All required information programs and consent forms will have to be read and signed. Once results are seen, the routine can often be adjusted so that even less medicine is taken.

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