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HylaCell Growth Factor Serum

Price: $115.00

HylaCell Human Growth Factor Serum

A Priyana MD Signature, this rich stem cell growth factor serum houses growth factors and peptides to precisely assist with preventing the visible signs of aging. In physician offices, this product is often referred to as Human Growth Factor PRP Serum in a bottle. Human Growth Factor Serum for face accelerates youth and helps to rejuvenate the skin with a myriad of skin benefits. This power packed stem cell growth factor serum is the ultimate must-have product for advanced anti-aging. Used in Vampire Face PRP-Skincare Post kits for in-office treatments. Rich with proprietary stem cell technology, this revolutionary moisturizer goes hits all the marks for skin rejuvenation, helping to deliver noticeably younger-looking skin. Along with working to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, this lightweight youth accelerator aims to improve aging tone and texture—without any heaviness or oiliness.

Suggested Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Sun-damaged, Aging