Today was my first visit to Dr. Resnik.

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Today was my first visit to Dr. Resnik. I was referred to him by an esteemed dermatologist acquaintance from NY. He was patient and thorough throughout the examination process. One area of concern,besides my overall dermatological health, was a milium (tiny keratin filled cyst) near my inner, lower eyelid. I had shown it to my previous dermatologist twice over the past year. He assured me it would resolve without treatment. It did not. I showed Dr. Resnik. Within moments, he skillfully and painlessly removed it. I'm so relieved to have it gone and I'm sorry I waited so long to seek a second opinion. I highly recommend Dr. Resnik for both your clinical and aesthetic dermatological needs. It seems like he and his office staff truly care about their patients' health and satisfaction.

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