Virtual Visits during the COVID Crisis

Virtual Visits during the COVID Crisis

No matter how minor or serious a problem is, access to your doctor when you need it is a comforting thing during our COVID Crisis. Virtual Visits allow us to get together with you and interact in real-time. I believe in touch and talk and humor during our visits. Touch has been eliminated in this pandemic, but we can still talk and make jokes in this dark time, now via a screen.


Having a Virtual Visit is nearly the same as an in-office visit, but without the handshake and the paper on the table! Casey or Diana does the intake, and I then talk with and examine you, determine the best way to get to Better, and make it happen by submitting your prescriptions electronically.


In this time of crisis, we are still mindful of protecting your health information. Using Klara to address your questions, view photos of the affected parts of the body and video-chat with you to talk about it all is securely protected (HIPAA-compliant) from end to end. 


Virtual Visits are available and they work. New and established patients are welcome. The government has mandated coverage for Medicare and all commercial insurances. We have reasonable rates for private pay patients so that everyone can access us. Don’t put off a Virtual Visit with us, because getting a problem addressed virtually keeps you safer and out of Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Departments, already deluged with patients concerned about Corona.


If you don’t have your free Klara account, get it here at Let us know how we can help.

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