The “Eyes” Have It

The “Eyes” Have It

Dark circles and under eye puffiness is a problem I must hear about at the very least a few times a day. What can I do about my dark circles? How can I get rid of these bags under my eyes?
Well…Well…Let me start by saying that neither problem has an easy solution. There are several reasons for both of these conditions. Some people have a family history of dark circles and puffy eyes. Some develop them as they age, stress, or suffer from lack of sleep and or rest. You could even be suffering from nasal congestion problems. There are many reasons why these conditions develop.

We could change our lifestyle by getting more sleep or trying different ways to reduce our stress levels and including more fruits and veggies with more iron. Ceasing unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and or excessive alcohol use could also help.

There are several topical, over-the-counter solutions that can be used. Women can correct dark circles by getting a good concealer for under the eye in a corrective color hue. (Tip #1: Come in and ask me to help you, I’m a professional make-up artist.)

Cosmetics have advanced significantly in the last decade and Under Eye serums are no exception. Here at Resnik Skin Institute we carry three different products addressing these pesky conditions. 1. Our Intensive Eye Lightening Serum specifically formulated to lessen the appearance of under eye dark circles as well as tightening and firming the delicate skin around the eye. 2. Our Retinol Eye Cream contains 90% Green Tea, polyphenols, peptides and moisturizers to lessen the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Ongoing research in the area of peptides as well as thorough clinical testing has resulted in formulas that are not only extremely powerful, but are safe as well. 3. Our Under Eye Repair uses light diffusing pigment to instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy tissue.

When patience is not your virtue, Dr. Resnik, suggests filler injections under the eyes in order to fill out the hollows. Dermal fillers such as (Restylane®, Juvederm®, Radiesse®) may be used to provide volume to sunken area and repair tear trough deformities. The increase in skin volume also hides the superficial blood vessels, diminishing the appearance of dark circles. For heavy sagging skin under the eyes plastic surgery can also be a consideration we have several plastic surgeons which can be recommended here in our office.
Being in the cosmetic business for many years there are also “Home Remedies” many of which I myself have seen work although they are temporary.

1. My favorite “Green Tea” bags for dark circles. Make a 2 cup pot of tea, take the bags out and let cool. They can be warm or room temperature or even cold out of the fridge. Place on eyes for 20 minutes and do that everyday for about 2 weeks my own sister has seen a significant difference.

2. It might sound a little strange but 2 model friends of mine swear by it and it totally works. Put 2 metal spoons in the fridge when they are completely cold take them out and press under your eyes till spoons are no longer cold. This helps with puffiness.

3. For dark circles another suggestion or at best reducing them, drink an 8oz. glass of warm water and 1 whole lemon first thing in the morning before you eat anything. This also helps cleanse the liver because it acts as a detoxifier.

4. As a night treatment before bed, I have read that applying a little almond oil and honey a half and half mixture is very nice under the eyes.

I hope I have answered some of your questions. The “Home Remedies” mentioned are simply suggestions, gathered bits and pieces that have worked for friends, other make-up artists or models before shoots. As always, if there are questions you have pertaining to this subject or any previous blog subject please feel free to write in.

Until Next Month,
Lina, your Beauty and Skin Care Guru

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