News for Rosacea Sufferers-Cromolyn

News for Rosacea Sufferers-Cromolyn

Cromolyn sodium ophthalmic solution 4% could improve the redness associated with Rosacea. Just like Mirvaso, the new topically applied medicine used to reduce flushing in Rosacea, Cromolyn sodium could be a boon for these same sufferers. The efficacy of cromolyn was evaluated in a 2012 study designed to look at the link between Mast Cells and the overabundance of the antimicrobial peptides called cathelicidins in individuals with Rosacea. Cromolyn sodium is available as both eye drops known as Crolom and Opticrom and the nasal allergy spray NasalCrom. This medicine helps stabilize the membranes of mast cells, which are involved in allergic reactions.

Good News

This research suggests that sufferers of the red faces of Rosacea may have another effective topical treatment. If this initial success can be replicated in further trials – this trial is very early – Cromolyn may join the ranks of brominidine and oxymetazoline as redness treatments.

Barry Resnik, MD

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