New Year ….New You!!!!!

New Year ….New You!!!!!

Start your New Year with a New resolution. Let's you and I make 2015 the best year yet for your skin, start with knowing the basics to a great facial.


If you think facials are just a means to unwind, pamper yourself, and maybe perk up a tired complexion, think again. It's the little-known details that separate a good facial from a really GREAT one. I like to start with discussing the finer points that rarely get discussed when you're slipping off into spa serenity. I want to make sure I share valuable information about your skin and how DR. Resnik and I can achieve some of your GOALS this year.

LET'S Get Started:

Coffee jitters and total relaxation don't mix. So avoid caffeine to make your facial more enjoyable. I recommend cutting back on your coffee and switching to herbal tea for at least 24 hours prior to your treatment. This will help keep you more relaxed, enabling me your esthetician to optimize your service. Your post-facial beverage choices need some adjustment too. Try doubling up on the amount of water you typically drink. This will assist with the removal of toxins and will help keep your skin clear and radiant.

Maximize your time by showing up bare-faced and ready to go. Wearing little to no makeup will free up more time for us to work on correcting your skincare concerns and flaws. A good facial treatment is worth every penny spent.

If you're making a day of it, don't negate the benefits of a good spa day with poor scheduling. Get your massage first. Nestling your face into the massage table after it's just been cleansed, exfoliated, and treated isn't going to improve your skin's glow. Your steam session post-massage and pre-facial. Steaming after a massage aids the muscles in the drainage process they go through, and also helps open up your pores, prepping them for a thorough cleansing. But steaming after a facial prevents the products from absorbing into your skin.

It's best to schedule at least one deep pore-cleansing treatment prior to any beauty treatment. They help to provide a true read of your needs, which helps me direct you to more specific treatments (Such as Peels, Fillers, Correction of tiny facial veins, Moles, Skin Tags, Ect…). Another aspect of a facial is that it's even easier to customize is the facial massage. The massage portion of your service is key for draining waste and toxins from your lymph system. Feeling puffier than usual? Haven't been sleeping well? Just getting back from a trip where you overindulged in vacation meals? Tell me, I'll be happy to give you a few more minutes of facial massage time to stimulate your lymph system.

Also you should know that extractions, even when performed by a professional, can irritate the skin. Steaming beforehand can help ease the process, but you should also be sure to use antibacterial products on all of the areas we extracted for the next few days after your service to protect against additional flare-ups.

LASTLY: If you have a big event coming up, don't schedule your facial in the days leading up to it. Plan to do it about a week out because a really intensive facial will often leave you a little red or blotchy for a day or two before that GLOW kicks in.

Until Next Month,
Your Skin Care Guru

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