New Year, New Look, New Make-up

New Year, New Look, New Make-up

Your 2013 makeup re-vamp is all about Eyes, Lids, Brows, and Lips.

 When it comes to beauty looks, bare is always beautiful but this year every runway is featuring lips in full color. At first, it seemed like spring would be a season of pale lips. Then red colors hit with a bang. Red will always be sexy, pink will always be girlie, orange truly audacious but Poppy is an amazing combination of all three colors.  This color and similar colors are sure to get you out of winter doldrums and Rock you right into Spring.

 (Tip #1: Outlining the lips in red pencil accentuates the shape of your mouth allowing your lips to look bigger and fuller).  

The other super trend make-up artists swept the runways with were brilliant shades of blue and green on the eyes at Stella McCartney and then Versus.  However unless you are rocking an evening look keep the two trends separate.  Vibrant lips are paired with pale eyes, a touch of liner along your lash line thicken and wing it outward just a little at the end and add plenty of mascara for long, long lashes. Neutral lips and glowing skin should be emphasized by a smokey eye.

(Tip # 2: Smokey eyes are no longer only done with just blacks, grays and browns) add major lashes and brows which are to be balanced with softly smudged eyeliner.

To point out this mix of strong versus subtle, play up the features you want to draw attention to with color or a touch of sparkle while keeping the rest of your look simple and glowing.

 ”As a general rule of thumb, warm sandy shades are great for women with green eyes. Pinks and golds compliment brown-eyed ladies and blue hues work for everyone,” says make-up artist Jake Bailey. 

(Tip #3: Dont be afraid to try false lashes.  There’s a reason why they are so popular, not to mention so much fun.)  

Keep your peepers open for future details on Friday Afternoons. We’ll be offering Make-Up Lesson Happy Hours.  You bring your friends and we’ll bring the Mock-tinis and the latest trends! 

Until Next Time,

Lina, Your Beauty Guru

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