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With all eyes on you, you need to ensure your skin is looking nothing less than radiant on the big day.
Every bride is sure to glow on their special day. However radiant wedding-day skin takes a little more planning and effort starting several months before the big event.
Stress can affect your hormonal balance which may lead to pesky breakouts, rashes and even overly oily or dry skin to occur.
Fear not – a totally beautiful clear face and touchable honeymoon skin is just around the corner. Together Dr. Resnik and I can help you put together an intensive pre-nuptial plan with recommended products guaranteed to give you your smoothest, pimple free and most radiant skin yet.

Let’s start with your DIET. A healthy and clean DIET should be on the top of your priorities list.
As an esthetician I ask all of my clients about their eating habits. You should keep a close eye on how much caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, and processed foods you are consuming about 6 weeks before the wedding.
Your list should contain tons of vegetables especially the ones high in fiber. Veggies high in fiber help with circulation, as well as supporting your skin’s elasticity and they contain lots of antioxidants killing free radicals in the body for that extra feel-good factor.
HYDRATION is key. So how much fluid does the average, healthy female adult living in a moderate climate need? The answer is about 9 cups of total beverages a day. That’s in a moderate climate, but if you live in a warm to hot climate such as Florida you need to up that amount of water by another 3 to 4, 8oz glasses. Although the 8 by 8 rule isn’t supported by hard evidence, it remains popular because it’s easy to remember. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day, because all fluids count toward the daily total especially if you are about to introduce exercise to your list.
Water is the best thing for beautiful, dewy soft skin as it helps the body flush out toxins, hormones and bi-products.
EXFOLIATION is a really important part of this skin-beautiful plan. Body brushing stimulates the lymphatic drainage system; it exfoliates the surface of the skin and prevents ingrown hairs. To help the body rid toxins, fatigue and water retention, use a firm natural bristle brush once a day first thing in the morning before having a shower.
Start at the toes and work your way up the legs, concentrating on the pelvic area where there are a lot of lymph nodes. Move up to the belly area with clockwise circular movements, up around the breast tissue and then from hands to the heart area.
A good salt, sugar or micro-beaded scrub for the body such as our Clarifying Brightening Polish uses organic products to remove dry, dead skin cells, excess oils and residue revealing healthier, younger super glowing skin. Follow every body scrub with our Dry Skin Hand and Body Lotion providing non-greasy moisturizers which gives relief of dry or itchy skin. For your face we suggest our Heated Scrub a green tea fortified exfoliation scrub doing all the same things as our Clarifying Polish just on a gentler scale all the while softening and smoothing the skin. This should be done once or twice a week followed by a moisturizer and an eye crème and followed by one of our many sun screens.
Last but not least and very important are FACIALS and FACE PEELS. Both can do wonders for skin clarity and tone, not to mention de-stress and relaxes you during this time of many decisions. I suggest you start at least 6 months before your wedding day. The last facial should be done at least 2 weeks before the wedding day allowing for pimples and toxins that are just underneath the epidermis layer to come up and clear leaving your skin luminous. Stick to your routine and be diligent to achieve the best results possible.
There you have it any questions on this or any other previous blog please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

Until next time,
Lina, your Beauty and Skin Care Guru

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