Covid-19 Vaccination and You

Covid-19 Vaccination and You

I think it’s very important that we all get vaccinated for Covid-19. I got vaccinated to help keep me, my family and my patients as safe as I can from this deadly illness. I received my first dose just a few weeks ago and will get my final dose January 7th. I had only a bit of arm soreness that lasted the day. My staff will all be vaccinated as soon as it becomes possible to get it for them. I have also applied to be a Vaccination site and hope to be approved in the near future, so that we can help in the National effort to get everyone vaccinated.

The most commonly voiced concern I hear from friends and patients is that the vaccination will give them Covid-19. It can’t! The vaccine has no virus particles in it. It contains little pieces of instruction that tell your immune system how to recognize the virus. The second most common question comes from people who were lucky enough to survive their bout of Covid-19: If I had it, aren’t I immune? The short answer is No, as we do not how long the immune response lasts after having had Covid-19. Indeed, there are cases of people getting infected twice in rapid succession.

For my patients on Biologic medicines for HS or Psoriasis, I have included a link to an easy-to-read FAQ that the HS Foundation, of which I am an executive board-member, published on our website.

Get informed and get vaccinated!

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