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Nickel Jewelry Solution Detect & Protect Kit

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Manufacturer: Athena Allergy

Sensitive to jewelry?  From Athena Allergy, the Nickel Solution Detect and Protect with Nickel Alert and Nickel Guard.  Full instructions on box. 

  • Nickel Alert is a simple and safe and convenient way to deter nickel in jewelry and other articles.  In less than a minute, you will know if nickel is detected.
  • Nickel Guard forms an invisible micro-bond with the metal to protect and allow you to wear jewelry without irritation.  Easy to apply, dries quickly, lasting protection.

Apply two drops of Nickel Alert to suspect jewelry, and it will change color in the presence of even trace amounts of nickel. If you find it does have nickel, apply a thin layer of Nickel Guard's clear coating to nickel jewelry, and it will form an invisible micro-bond that prevents the nickel from touching your skin.

Nickel Solution is quick, easy, and safe to use. It will not harm you or your valuable jewelry. Nickel Guard does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, or dibutyl phthalate which could cause secondary contact dermatitis.

Nickel may be found in earrings, watches, necklaces, rings, costume jewelry, buttons, buckles, eyeglasses, silverware, coins, zippers, and even "nickel-free" jewelry.

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