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Medical Therapies Index : Xtrac Laser Therapy of Psoriasis and Vitiligo

A Few Questions and Answers on XTRAC Laser Therapy


I have psoriasis. Am I a candidate for XTRAC Laser Therapy?

If you have mild to moderate psoriasis, and you're unhappy with your current method of treatment, you should consider treatment with the XTRAC excimer laser system. You may have tried topical medications, such as coal tar or steroids, with disappointing results. You may have experienced remission with lengthy sessions of conventional phototherapy, but don't want to spend the time necessary to manage your skin condition. You'll probably get relief faster with XTRAC.

Will it really work?

Of course, results will vary. However, individuals with mild to moderate cases of psoriasis can often obtain relief in just four to ten brief treatment sessions. You may see some results immediately.

How long will the results last?

Each case is unique, but psoriasis sufferers who have experienced XTRAC treatment have found that relief can last for extended periods of time. Remissions are expected to last at least as long as with conventional phototherapy, but you will probably need fewer treatments per year to remain free of symptoms.

Will it hurt?

Most patients feel no pain or discomfort during the short XTRAC treatment sessions. A few report feeling a warm sensation, like a mild sunburn, at the site of the lesion. No anesthesia is necessary.

Not only is the XTRAC treatment free of pain, it has few of the drawbacks often associated with other psoriasis treatments, such as premature skin aging, skin thinning or resistance to medication. And the XTRAC system can be used successfully on hard-to-treat areas of the body such as elbows and knees.

How does it work?

The XTRAC excimer laser system is light-years ahead of other psoriasis treatments. Using a carefully focused beam of laser light delivered through a sophisticated fiber-optic delivery system, the XTRAC system is designed to clear unsightly psoriatic skin plaques quickly and effectively. Because it concentrates light on active lesions, XTRAC allows your doctor to deliver the high-exposure doses necessary for rapid clearing without risk of damage to healthy skin.

If you are tired of using creams with little to no result, or have lesions that simply won't respond to treatment, consider the XTRAC Laser system.

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