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Medical Therapies Index :Pseudocatalase Therapy for Vitiligo

Catalase is an enzyme that is deficient in areas of skin with vitiligo. Pseudocatalase cream is an externally applied product that functions like catalase in that it is used to inhibit the progression of pigment loss in vitiligo. Pseudocatalase works by removing peroxides from vitiligo affected skin. Peroxides can destroy melanocytes (pigment cells). It contains calcium chloride, manganese chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and distilled water in a special cream base. It works best when combined with Narrow band Ultraviolet B (NBUVB) light therapy. This medication is not commercially available and is compounded by a specialty pharmacy to my order.

How to use Pseudocatalase:
  • Apply twice a day to entire affected skin
  • Only a small amount is needed to cover the area; increasing the frequency and/or amount will not necessarily bring about better results.
  • Allow the Pseudocatalase cream to vanish into the skin and be completely dry before applying any other topical agents.
  • Expose the affected skin to NBUVB light treatments or sun exposure as directed by your physician
Patients may begin to see control of pigment loss in 2-4 months. There is no right or wrong duration of treatment. However, if there is no response after 3 months, the therapy should be stopped and other options evaluated. Treatment may be stopped if full repigmentation occurs.

Side Effects:
  • No known systemic side effects to date.
  • The compounded cream is extremely sensitive and has a short active life. It will rapidly deteriorate if exposed to light and/or air, by leaving the cap off.
  • To avoid this, do not open the pump or the jar.
  • This product is a white cream and is stable for about 4-6 weeks or until the cream turns pinkish-brown.
  • Watch for discoloration (pinkish-brown color) of product. Discard any discolored product.

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